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Dig Events Quirks NY2023

Quirks New York 2023: “So, is that a good score?”: A Hershey’s and Dig Insights case study

Join Hersey's and Dig as they discuss the common question “So, is that a good score?”

Our speaking session

We’ve all run concept tests before, looking for data that indicates you have the next big thing and will change the consumer landscape. And then when the data comes back, you see that the purchase interest scores all group together with little to no differentiation. There is no clear prioritization or clarity around what’s happening in consumers’ minds. At your next gate meeting, the big question you get from leaders is, “Well, is that a good score?”

Join Kevin Hare, EVP at Dig Insights and Michelle Schmiesing, Senior Manager of Consumer Insights at Hershey’s at Quirks NYC on Wednesday July 19th at 12:00pm to learn more.