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Need States

The focus of these studies is to determine what consumer needs and profiles represent opportunities to align their consumption products.

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What is need states research?

In recent years many client organizations have focused heavily on aligning their marketing and innovation to focus on Demand Spaces (also sometimes referred to as Needs-Based Occasions).

Demand Space development, or Demand Landscapes, provide opportunity maps that inform and prioritize brand and innovation decisions through the lens of consumer occasions.  It is useful as a foundation for identifying where to play, what products to prioritize, and most importantly, can be combined with volumes to determine the ‘size of the prize’ for clients looking to ensure their portfolio and brands are meeting the needs of consumers. 

The benefits of need states research

Get an in-depth understand of consumer needs.

Need states research provides an easy-to-use map of the major consumer needs profiled by key consumption details (e.g., who, what, where when and why). 

Inform marketing & product development decisions.

This type of research is particularly useful when it comes to marketing and product decisions; you can use need states research to ensure they are playing in the right space.

Share intel about your consumer groups with the organization.

You'll get actionable foundational learning that can be leveraged by multiple parts of your organization; marketing, product development, R&D, communications, strategy. 

Our perspective on need states research

It is important that Demand Landscapes (Need States) consumption data are collected properly.  Dig relies on our proprietary mobile consumption diary which allows consumers to log and provide rich detail into consumption detail.  This provides a larger dataset to produce a holistic model of all consumption occasions.  Dig also brings industry-leading advanced analytic approaches to ensure that the Demand Spaces developed are robust, reliable and actionable.