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Dig Insights and Upsiide Use of AI

At Dig Insights and Upsiide, we use AI models to provide superior services and deliver unique solutions tailored to our clients. This allows us to offer market-leading capabilities, increase productivity, and better meet our clients’ needs.

What kinds of models do you use?

We use both internal and third-party AI models to harness the best of both worlds. Our internal AI models are developed with an intimate understanding of our business operations and customer needs. Third-party models, on the other hand, offer an external perspective, advanced technologies, and specialization that complements our internal capabilities.

How do we ensure the safety and privacy of our clients' data?

AI providers, as with all third-party providers we use, are approved sub-processers that must undergo regular audits to ensure they meet or exceed our rigorous, SOC2 certified, security standards. We only engage with providers that share our commitment to data privacy and security. We have stringent contractual agreements that prevent providers from using client data for any purpose beyond the scope of the service they provide to us.

We do not allow third-party providers to use our clients’ data for training or improvement purposes.

How do we manage the ethical use of AI in our operations?

Our use of AI is guided by a strong commitment to ethical principles. We ensure transparency, accountability, and fairness in our AI-driven decisions. We constantly monitor and review our use of AI for potential bias or inaccuracy.

How do we continue to maintain and improve our AI systems?

We continuously invest in research and development and engage in regular updates and maintenance of our AI models. Our team of AI specialists ensures that our models remain up-to- date, effective, and efficient in delivering value to our clients.

This document is an overview and does not contain all the details of our AI policy. For further information, please contact us directly.