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AI in Market Research: A Panel Event

Learn how to apply the revolutionary potential of AI to your research work. We're bringing leaders in the space together to cut through the noise and give you the most important of the info.

Unlock the Power of AI in Market Research

There are so many applications for Ai technology it can feel a little overwhelming. This panel event is designed to help you and your fellow colleagues focus on the most important aspects of AI, as it relates to research and analytics.

We talked to MR experts about how researchers can use AI technology to make them better at their jobs. We also explored the potential of using AI-based technologies to automate and streamline different research processes, including qual and quant.

Join us to discover more about:

  • Idea generation, natural language processing and other useful things you can do with AI

  • How to work with AI in qual

  • How to incorporate AI into your daily research activities

  • How AI will change research practices for the better

Our speakers

Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens, Founder, insightplatforms

Mike is the founder of He is a consultant, advisor and thought leader on the intersection of technology and research.

Kathy Cheng

Kathy Cheng, Founder, Nexxt Intelligence

Deeply qualitative at heart, Kathy founded Nexxt Intelligence with 20+ years of global market research experience to bring clients the best of both worlds: qual and quant.

Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson, EVP, Advanced Analytics, Dig Insights

While taking a Master’s degree in Applied AI, Joel develops innovative automation tools at Dig and provides clients with valuable guidance on their innovation initiatives.

Julien Naggar

Julien Naggar, Vice President, Dig Insights

Julien is a seasoned qualitative research pro, working across Dig's portfolio of clients to embed the voice of the consumer into their strategies.