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Brand Tracking

A brand strategy is useless unless you measure your progress against it – are you impacting your position in the market and what adjustments do you need to make? Brand Tracking is the tool that lets you understand the success of your brand strategy and how you can optimize your efforts moving forward.

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When is brand tracking useful?

Brand tracking is useful anytime you need to measure your brand KPIs or understand your brand’s performance in the market over time. Building a solid and healthy brand is one of the top challenges marketers face, and there is always a need to understand a brand's equity and strengths and weaknesses. Brand Tracking gives a clear understanding of improving and focusing their attention. It also provides a competitive overview of the market and does not just rely on their internal sales data.  

  1. When you need to understand brand performance over time.

    Running regular brand tracking will allow you to understand how your brand is performing on your KPIs, including Overall Brand Equity, Awareness, Consideration, Usage, Net Promoter Score, and Brand Imagery.

  2. When you need to quantify the impact of marketing.

    How are your marketing efforts being received – have they been noticed by your target consumers, are they receptive to the messages you are communicating, will they be motivated to act? The actual in-market ad performance can also be evaluated using key creative evaluation measures (likability, branding, motivation, engagement, and believability.)

  3. When you need to assess the influence of new launches.

    What is the uptake of the new brand, variant, and package and are there any barriers? Ensuring you've got regular brand tracking in place will help you identify what is moving the needle and why.

  4. When you need rationale to guide quick decision-making.

    A regular brand tracker will help you and your team identify areas of underperformance relatively quickly and correct them before it's too late. The great part about a brand tracker is it designed specifically for the KPIs and metrics you need to see regularly, so you can be sure you've got the right data to-hand when you need it.

Our approach to brand tracking

Rapid reporting of key metrics

Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges of brand tracking is results that arrive too late. For example, understanding the impact of a new marketing campaign in its early days allows the team to adjust on the fly to optimize. 

Investments of many sizes

Clients often come in thinking of tracking studies as intimidating and high investment. This is not true, and we tailor programs to varying budgets and objectives.

Flexibility in frequency of tracking

The frequency of tracking depends on the client's budget, marketing activity level, and how dynamic the market is. E.g., the frequency of tracking could be lower in a category where the brand shares are stable there are no continuous marketing spends.