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About Us

We believe that the insights industry needs to ask new questions and deliver new answers. That's why we created Dig back in 2010.

These principles guide our approach to your business challenges

  1. Impulses drive decision-making.

    Consumers make hundreds of decisions every day. They make most category decisions in a split second, drawing on heuristics that they have developed over years and that are constantly evolving. We’ve developed proprietary approaches that allow you to understand and predict real-world decisions.

  2. Decisions require context.

    Whether it’s a new car, a mortgage or a can of soup, all consumer decisions involve choosing between competing offers. But most research ignores this, pretending that consumers choose in isolation. We evaluate the tradeoffs involved in consumer decisions, building accurate behavioral models and forecasts. 

  3. Attitudes do not predict decisions.

    We know that consumers are not completely logical and imperfectly predict their own behavior. Recognizing this, Dig Insights uses behavior to predict behavior. But we don’t ignore attitudes; they play a key role as we develop and refine ides.

  4. Data does not equal decisions.

    In our own lives we recognize the gap between what we know (we probably shouldn’t eat that extra cookie) and what we do (we ate the cookie). The same thing happens with businesses; there is often a gap between information and action. Our reporting, dashboarding, data visualization and strategic consulting are designed to minimize this gap, ensuring that insight leads to compelling action. 

Upsiide was borne out of this thinking

These principles shaped the development of our SaaS platform, Upsiide. Upsiide is the innovation insights platform for brands that need to unlock growth.

Our Company Values


With a combination of working hard, working smart, and bringing a winning attitude, we create opportunities for ourselves and our clients.


Our work is technically perfect and beautifully presented. We deliver on promises and exceed expectations.


We are curious and unafraid to question the status quo. We draw from the best changes in the industries around us.



We value and actively seek diverse perspectives. We believe that our other values are only possible when every voice is equally heard.


We seek to see the world the way others might see it, finding common ground with our colleagues, our clients, and with the people that provide the data upon which our business is built.

A bit about who we are


As of 2023, our team of more than 200 people speak 28+ languages including Hindi, French, and Mandarin. This means we can turn our hand to almost any global research.


We've got offices in Toronto, London, and Chicago, but we're proud that we can offer our clients truly global research and expertise. We've done research in 46 countries in the last 12 months.


Over the last couple of years we've welcomed over 100 new people to our team across 3 different continents.

The Dig Insights Timeline

  • Background with pattern


    Michael, Paul, Dominic & Ian set up Dig

    Four friends and colleagues set off on their own to create a brand new business.

  • TURF


    Launched a simulator

    Dig's first foray into technology happens, with a TURF simulator.

  • Background with pattern


    Brand new office

    We moved into our second (much bigger) office above a Spanish school.

  • VM simulator


    Launched the Virtual Market simulator

    In an effort to modernize our pack and pricing research for clients, we launched a brand new simulator.

  • Upsiide logo


    We go SaaS

    Upsiide becomes a true SaaS platform with its first customers jumping on board.

  • new joiners


    88 new joiners

    We grew by, well, a lot of people! Onboarding 88 new people across Toronto, Chicago, and London.

  • SOC2 Compliant


    SOC2 Compliant

    In 2021 we became SOC2 compliant, and we're pretty happy about it.

  • New logos


    Re-launched the brands

    This is the year of change, with sparkly new brands that better reflect the tech-forward direction of Dig.