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Let's dig into our podcast.

We started Dig In to help researchers level up. Each episode helps our growing community approach their roles in newly clever, but always effective, ways.

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Researchers at household brands spill their secrets.

Get the inside scoop from marketing pros at brands that have stood the test of time. Discover how Clodagh @ Coca-Cola builds an innovation pipeline, how Doug @ Gatorade strategically works with the right stakeholders, or how Erin @ Tim Hortons uses research to build campaigns.

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Leaders at cult-worthy brands help you think differently.

Business leaders at up-and-coming consumer brands need to take risks to stand out. Find out how Stix @ Liquid Death is structuring a marketing department like you've never seen, Ed @ Olipop is creating an insights engine that works for an omnichannel strategy, and Kevin @ Oatly thinks about campaign copy.

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Keep up with change

Expert advice means you won't get left behind.

Whether it's our internal experts talking about artificial intelligence or external masters discussing the basics of brand and audience research, you'll learn how things outside your bubble could impact how you do your job.

Get a taste of who will be joining you on your morning walk.

Here are just a few of our favorite soundbites from some of our recent podcast guests.

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