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Let's dig into our podcast.

We started Dig In to help researchers level up. Each episode helps our growing community approach their roles in newly clever, but always effective, ways.

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Researchers at household brands spill their secrets.

Get the inside scoop from marketing pros at brands that have stood the test of time. Discover how Clodagh @ Coca-Cola builds an innovation pipeline, how Doug @ Gatorade strategically works with the right stakeholders, or how Erin @ Tim Hortons uses research to build campaigns.

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Leaders at cult-worthy brands help you think differently.

Business leaders at up-and-coming consumer brands need to take risks to stand out. Find out how Stix @ Liquid Death is structuring a marketing department like you've never seen, Ed @ Olipop is creating an insights engine that works for an omnichannel strategy, and Kevin @ Oatly thinks about campaign copy.

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Keep up with change

Expert advice means you won't get left behind.

Whether it's our internal experts talking about artificial intelligence or external masters discussing the basics of brand and audience research, you'll learn how things outside your bubble could impact how you do your job.

Dig In Episode 44 | Sylvie Pelletier on Strategic Alignment & What Makes a Great Leader

Sylvie Pelletier, Leadership development consultant and coach, discusses what makes a great leader, what an organization’s culture really means, and how many companies fall short when instituting a new strategy.

Dig In Episode 43 | Erin Cohen @ Tim Hortons on how Research Informs the Customer Journey

Erin Cohen, Director, Consumer Insights at Tim Hortons, discusses the back-to-basics approach she’s spearheading at Tim Hortons, how consumers’ routines changed because of the pandemic, and how foundational research informs the customer journey.

Dig In Episode 42 | Doug Healy @ PepsiCo On Why Insights is Strategy and the Importance of Foundational Research

Doug Healy, Senior Director, Consumer Insights for Gatorade at PepsiCo, discusses the similarities between insights professionals and architects, the importance of foundational research, and changing the perception of what it means to be part of an insights team.

Dig In Episode 41 | Marcie Connan @ Dig Insights on How Inflation Impacts Your Consumers

Marcie Connan, Executive Vice President at Dig Insights, discusses a study on consumers' emotional and behavioral responses to inflation.

Dig In Episode 40 | Marat Fleytlikh @ Kraft Heinz on the Future of Consumer Insights in CPG

Marat Fleytlikh, Associate Director, Consumer Insights at The Kraft Heinz Company, discusses how Kraft Heinz is “walking the talk,” the art and science behind insights, and being an enabler versus a barrier.

Dig In Episode 39 | Dig Insights’ Founders on the History of Dig Insights and Upsiide, Business Lessons, and the Future of Market Research

Dig Insights’ founders discuss the recent refresh of Dig Insights and Upsiide and share some lessons learned from starting a market research agency.

Dig In Episode 38 | Richard Ng @ Advanced GG on Marketing in the Supplement Space, Creating a Differentiated Brand and Finding a Winning Package Design

We sat down with Richard Ng, Marketing Director at Advanced GG to talk about all things marketing and insight within the CPG and supplements landscape, as well as discuss the project Advanced did with Dig and Upsiide.

Dig In Episode 37 | Ed @ Olipop on Omnichannel Distribution & A New Way of Measuring Success

In this week’s episode of Dig In, we chat again to Ed Kolovson, Category & Business Insights Manager @ Olipop about omnichannel distribution and why it makes up the backbone of Olipop's business strategy.

Dig In Episode 36 | Paul Teshima @ Wealthsimple on Startups that ‘Fail’, Rocket Ship Growth & Building Happy Teams

In this week’s episode of Dig In, we chat to Paul Teshima, the Chief Client Experience Officer at Wealthsimple about startups that ‘fail’, rocket ship growth & building happy teams.

Dig In Episode 35 | Will @ Customers Who Click on Optimizing Conversion Rates, The Power of User Interviews, and DTC Trends

We spoke to Will Laurenson at Customers Who Click about optimizing conversion rates, the power of user interviews, and DTC trends.

Dig In Episode 34 | Ruth @ Simply Roasted on the ‘Better for You’ Category, Leading with Taste, and Crisps

Ruth at Simply Roasted talks about her work in the ‘Better for You’ category, leading with taste, and crisps.

Dig In Episode 33 | Adam Jacobs @ Cushman & Wakefield on Macro-economic Trends in Canada, Reimagining the Office, and Innovation Dig Insights – Current Preview View Create a draft Save

In this week’s episode of Dig In, we chat to Adam Jacobs at Cushman & Wakefield on macro-economic trends in Canada, reimagining the office, and innovation.

Dig In Episode 32 | Adam Faulkner @ CreativeAF on The Power of Sonic Branding, Jingle Comebacks & Entrepreneurship

In this week’s episode of Dig In, we chat with Adam Faulkner at CreativeAF on the power of sonic branding, jingle comebacks, and entrepreneurship.

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