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Exploring the Canadian sports-betting industry

Exploring the Canadian sports-betting industry

Our speaker

Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson, Director, Insights, Dig Insights

About the session

Canadians have been betting on sports for ages. And last year’s lift of the federal ban on single-game sports betting opened opportunities for betting brands to grow.

But what does this mean for betters? What does the market think about the legal changes, and do they still want the same offerings? Our brand-new event on the current state of the Canadian sports betting industry will answer these questions.

Chris Williamson, Director of Insights at Dig Insights, will walk you through the results of our recent study and explain:

  • The size of the total addressable market for sports betting in Canada
  • How aware people are of the legalization of single-bet sports betting, and what is the perception of the change in law
  • What the current sports betting behaviour looks like, and what types of sign-up promotional incentives resonate with most consumers

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