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We build inspired tech solutions to age-old research challenges.

Technology is at the heart of who we are and how we deliver competitive advantage to our clients.

Upsiide SaaS research platform

SaaS Expertise

A SaaS research platform purpose-built for innovation.

All of our clients have been challenged to innovate in new, more agile ways. We developed Upsiide as a proprietary SaaS platform to address this need.

Upsiide allows you to screen early ideas, to optimize and develop those ideas, and to ultimately build a business case with volume and source of volume forecasts. All in a platform that is intuitive to use (for you and respondents), lightning fast (most studies complete in under 24 hours) and capable of managing global studies in any language.

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Digital Eco-Systems

Simulators that mimic online shopping.

Lots of companies use conjoint to optimize their product, price and pack strategy. We don’t. Instead, we build interfaces that feel like online shopping. These interfaces allow us to include many more products, packs, and prices than a conjoint - while ensuring an intuitive experience for respondents. We can then calibrate the data to your in-market unit volumes.

The result is a model that can forecast volume, revenue and profitability in response to any new innovations, SKU rationalizations, or changes in product, pack, or price.

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Mobile Diaries

Mobile diaries to fill the gaps in traditional ethnography.

We build real-time mobile diaries that participants can launch each time they consume your category, providing crucial context that often gets lost on recall. Imagine being able to understand what people are consuming, where, with who, and why?

A recent global consumption diary project allowed our client to identify the core 12 drivers of food and beverage consumption. These 12 drivers provided them with a structure for product, packaging and messaging innovation.

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Analytics Tools

Analytics dashboards at your fingertips.

Data analytics, modelling and visualization is key to all of the work we do. To democratize access to this modelling and visualization, we have built proprietary software for numerous kinds of analysis: from simulators like TURF, to data visualizations like SANkey diagrams, and even ML/AI like NLP.

All of these are enabled by Dig Insights’ proprietary software. This software allows us to deliver powerful analysis and data visualization to our clients faster and cheaper than would otherwise be possible.