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A snapshot of some of our work.

Our depth of research knowledge and category context means we approach each project with a toolkit that's customized to your specific needs.

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How we helped Coca-Cola reinvent their innovation process.

The Coca-Cola Company has embedded Upsiide as their gate zero innovation testing protocol. In this case study, we explore one particularly powerful innovation sprint that leveraged Upsiide to empower global teams to make decisions about future coffee innovations overnight.

Woman holding a chicken sandwich


How we helped McDonald's become famous for chicken.

Based on our work together, McDonald's was able to identify short-term innovation opportunities and long-term innovation opportunities. Innovations were prioritized based on their consumer appeal, their fit with the McDonald’s brand and their ability to grow the McDonald’s customer base.  

Image of glass bottle and a glass of sparkling water


How we helped Nestle improve profitability.

Nestle's team wanted to understand the impact of making price, pack, and flavor changes to their premieum waters brand portfolio. We helped them discontinue 2 sub-brands, eliminate glass Perrier bottles, and launch 2 new flavors, among other things.

Pot with fries

qualitative innovation sprints

How we helped McCain adapt a product to the American market.

McCain was looking for a way to adjust a product they’d initially created for the UK market to serve in the US. They wanted to understand why initial testing of the product wasn’t resonating with US consumers, especially because it was a big hit in the UK.

Hershey chocolate bar


How we help the Hershey company deliver successful product innovation.

Hershey’s needs to identify opportunities to use innovation to drive incremental volume growth and grow penetration. We partner with them to understand consumer motivations, analyze their portfolio mix, and discover new opportunities for market expansion.

Don't just take our word for it...

  • So far, in-market results have mimicked what we learned through the Virtual Market tool. In fact, one of our team members described the results as “freakishly accurate”. It’s basically the next best thing to having a personal crystal ball to answer your questions.


    Laurence Duhamel-Gravel, Marketing Intelligence & Strategy Lead


  • Everyone voted (including senior management) that Upsiide is our biggest success of the year. It was my best experience working with an agency.


    Clodagh Forde, Senior Director Human Insights


  • Dig has become an invaluable partner across so many aspects of our business – and especially for our global team. We’ve worked with Dig on some of our most pressing and strategic customer problems to solve and they truly partner in finding real, workable solutions that connect insight to strategy. Dig goes beyond giving us the data and even the “why,” they are our partners in the “so what” for our business.

    Mc Donalds logo

    Dana Grinshpan, Customer Experience Insights Manager


  • Instead of wasting another 6 months of productivity, which would have cost us a million dollars, we saved 6 months of back and forth. And stakeholders saw $$$ in their eyeballs. You're only as good as the decisions that get made. As an insights person, I was able to add so much value to the business and insert myself into the most important strategic innovation decisions.


    Billy Fletcher, Global Director of Human Insights


  • With payments diaries we had to come up with something brand new and unique. That's why we came to Dig. Dig is always willing and able to bring different methodologies to the table, especially creative methodologies, to help us solve a problem. It isn't a 'product shop', we work with Dig for bespoke solutions that are customized to our needs.

    Eric Chue, Director of Research & Industry Insights