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From Ripple to Wave: The Rise of Flavored Water

Our VP of Trends & Foresight, Shelby Walsh, dives into everything water. Discover the 5 biggest flavored water trends shaping the beverage industry and the opportunities they could unfold for your brand.

The splashiest new beverage trend is... water?

Consumption of flavored water has more than doubled in the last decade in the United States. The global flavored water market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 9.3%. #WaterTok generated over 1B views on TikTok, and water bottles like the Stanley Quencher have their own dedicated fan bases.

It's undeniable: water is experiencing a monumental moment. So, how can brands leverage these opportunities early and attract consumers with innovative offerings? That's where our Trends & Foresight department comes in.

Watch our webinar on Flavored Water Trends to discover:

  • What's happening with flavored water consumption, and why the lines between categories are blurring

  • #WaterTok, Dry January, and waves water is making in the beverage industry

  • A deep dive into 5 evolutionary, emerging, and disruptive water trends; and notable players to look out for

  • Key recommendations for brands who want to leverage water trends and set up for success

Our Speaker

Shelby Walsh, VP of Trends & Foresight

Shelby Walsh, VP of Trends & Foresight

Shelby has over a decade in experience leading teams and driving results, sharing data-driven insights that showcase retail, lifestyle, tech, and marketing trends. Shelby joined Dig Insights as their new VP of Trends and Foresight in 2023.