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IIEX 2022: A Case Study with RBC - A Brand New Way to Leverage Transactional and Attitudinal Data

Strong persona development is the backbone of high performing businesses. But developing actionable and truly useful personas is no simple task, especially within the financial services sector where merging behavioural and attitudinal data points is tricky.

In this exciting presentation, our own VP of Insights, Michael Capstick, is joined by RBC’s Director of Design Research, Shane Findlay, to walk through a brand new persona development methodology. This new approach effectively merges behavioural data points like financial balances and channel sales behaviour with attitudinal data points like emotional and functional choices, producing truly effective customer personas for the finance world.

Join Dig Insights and RBC’s Shane Findlay as they speak to this unique approach to persona development. They will discuss the process of gathering the data, the impact of the research findings, and the way they’ve leveraged the research across the business.

You don’t want to miss this one!