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Quirk's New York 2022: How Dig’s insights innovation helped transform the omnichannel experience at CVS Health

The team at Dig worked with CVS Health to transform their omnichannel experience through insights innovation.

The dynamic growth of omnichannel impacts everything at CVS Health. Succeeding in this environment requires a real-time, 360o understanding of the consumer. It requires that we consider the benefits and services that we offer and the messages that we deliver at each stage of the consumer experience. This presentation will illustrate how we are evolving our approach to insights to reflect the new retail environment and how this new approach has benefited our business.

This talk will explore how CVS Health is leveraging a new approach to insights that positions the organization to succeed in an omnichannel world. We will discuss the challenges that the CVS insights team addressed as we evolved our approach to consumer experience insights:

  • Developing an efficient, agile and iterative process to test potential benefits, services and messages.

  • Ensuring that this new approach is robust and easy for the many internal stakeholders to understand and use.

  • Translating consumer learning into organizational change.

On this journey, CVS Health is supported by Dig Insights and Upsiide, Dig Insights’ innovation insights tech platform. The talk will include a demonstration of how CVS Health leveraged the Upsiide technology as part of its evolution.