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The Great Inflation: Navigating Evolving U.S. Consumer Behaviors Through Inflation

Steve McCurdy, one of our VPs of Insights, went over our report on how inflation is impacting American consumers.

Earlier in 2022, we set out to understand how the dramatic rise in inflation is impacting consumers both practically and emotionally. We were driven to provide insight into how consumers’ behaviors are changing in the face of rising prices and how inflation is impacting over forty different products.

Nearly 50% of American consumers say they are worse off financially than a year ago. And 60% are actively looking for opportunities to earn supplemental income. But through that, consumers are proving to be a resilient bunch. And consumer brands have an opportunity to help guide their customers through this tough time.

In this webinar, we went over our top findings. Steve McCurdy highlighted:

  • Three unique experiences that define American consumers' response to inflation

  • Top behaviors and cuts consumers are making due to inflation (in partnership with Drop)

  • Implications of inflation for consumer brands