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Flavored Water: An Exploration of Water Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Water is making waves that we've never seen before. Discover why consumers are embracing various water trends in 2024, which brands are doing something different in the space, and what that all means for your business.

Flavored Water Report preview

How do you plot the momentum of trends to determine your course of action? How do you visualize the "why" behind trends and highlight whitespace opportunities from consumer tensions? These were the questions we asked ourselves as we developed our trend analysis methodology.

In this brand-new report, our Trends & Foresight team dives into the flavored water category to unravel key trends that are disrupting the space and their impact on brands.

Access the report now to discover:

  • The currents driving water consumption and the blurring lines between beverage categories.

  • 5 biggest trends in the space and what players are making a splash.

  • The next steps for brands who want to ride the wave of beverage trends.

We uncover

Trends šŸ¤ drivers of change

How do the beverage trends we uncovered intertwine with the cultural and societal drivers of change that are happening in the world right now?

What's happening with water consumption?

Let's submerge into #WaterTok, Dry January, and waves water is making in the beverage industry.

Biggest trends that are driving the flavored water category

Sparkling prebiotics, hop water, energy water... these are just some trends disrupting the beverage space. And we will reveal key recommendations for utilizing these trends for your brand's success.

Download the report now

Want to ride the wave of the biggest water trends?

Watch our VP of Trends & Foresight, Shelby Walsh, as she walks us through the key trends that are driving the category and shares how brands can leverage them and set up for success.

Flavored Water webinar