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Sippin' and Snackin': Attitudes Driving 2024's Food & Beverage Trends

Are Americans embracing AI to help them eat better? Are consumers switching out booze for non-alcoholic beers? And more in our 2024 research report.

The food and beverage industry is expected to experience many trending changes in 2024. But what do consumers have to say about those trends, and are there any opportunities for brands to benefit from them?

We ran a study with a proportional representation of the population, to learn more about their attitudes and behaviours around food and bev.

This brand-new report uncovers valuable insights about key consumer pain points, healthy food & bev habits, the nation's most popular flavors.

Food & Beverage Report preview

We uncover

How AI technology can help consumers shop, cook, and eat better

What challenges are consumers trying to address when cooking and grocery shopping? And what AI tech they are willing to embrace to solve those challenges?

Plant-forward dieting - yay or nay?

Why do Americans find it hard to eat more veggies in their diets, and where do they want brands to step up?

A "flexitarian" approach to drinking

Why do consumers want to drink less, and how do they substitute alcohol?

Sweet & Savory Flavors of the Year

What new savory and sweet flavors do consumers crave the most, and how do the results differ by demographic?

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Want to know how the insights impact your brand?

Our market research expert with nearly 20 years of experience can answer this question. Join us on February 22nd at 11:30am EST to discover what trends are driving the food & beverage space and how you can future-proof your brand for success.

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