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Beneficial Drinks: Understanding America's Functional Beverage Boom

Functional beverages are overflowing supermarket aisles. Why are these drinks flying off the shelves? What benefits are consumers really after? Our brand-new report answers that and more!

Pages from the Functional Beverages report

In a world where consumers demand more from every sip, functional beverages are leading a dynamic shift in the drinks market. From collagen-infused waters to adaptogenic sodas, today's shoppers are reaching for drinks that do more than quench thirst. NielsenIQ recently found that functional beverage sales rose by 54% to $9.2 billion between March 2020 and March 2024.

In our brand-new study, we surveyed 500 Americans to understand the consumer preferences and habits around drinking functional beverages.

We uncover

Drinks Americans are reaching for most, and when

A sip of prebiotic coffee in the morning. Some coconut water to refresh after lunch. Our study reveals that each functional beverage has its time and place.

Key benefits consumers seek and the barriers to purchase

Collagen, electrolytes, adaptogens... Which benefits are consumers turning to and how can brands convert non-users?

What the ideal functional drink brand looks like, according to consumers

Using Dig's proprietary Lens tool, we harnessed consumers' thoughts and feelings to understand their perfect functional beverage brand experience.

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