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Dig Insights adds brand new innovation research capabilities to their platform, Upsiide

We've got a brand new feature to announce - Idea Split - live on Upsiide, our automated research platform. Idea Split reimagines the experience of performing monadic research, making it easy to use Upsiide at more stages of the innovation process. Upsiide has always been used at the beginning of innovation, screening ideas en masse, and now (with Idea Split), Upsiide users can assess a handful of validated ideas against critical business metrics, gathering quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Dig's founders have been in the research industry for decades. Ian Ash, our Co-Founder and President of Upsiide, speaks about why this new feature is so different from what's currently available in other research platforms: "The biggest challenge for us was designing the User Experience (UX) in a way that was simple and fast for anyone involved in innovation. Doing this kind of research can be incredibly complex, and we've made it simple for any user through our unique product design."

When considering how to build Idea Split, Upsiide's Chief Technology Officer, Frank Beirne, was committed to making the experience uniquely intuitive, opening up access to anyone working in innovation: "Our solution perfectly balances a complex feature-set with a simple to use interface. It doesn't sound particularly complicated, but we had to re-think how someone doing innovation research (that might not have a research background) would want to test and receive their results. No one has approached the problem in the same way we have, and that's an exciting place to be."

With a rapidly growing product team, we will continue to develop our platform capabilities throughout 2021.

Upsiide is an innovation insights platform created by the pros at Dig Insights. Upsiide allows marketing and insight teams to predict which ideas, concepts, and designs will perform best in-market.