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Pack hacks: visual vs text-based pack design testing

Pack hacks: visual vs text-based pack design testing

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About the session

How well is your pack performing?

It might not be communicating what you want or converting buyers effectively.

But how do you know what’s working and what’s not?

In this session, Upsiide’s VP of Customer Experience, Patrick Lambert, explains how to identify which elements of your pack design are working (and which aren’t).

He’ll also explain how data modelling helps with packaging re-assessment, optimization and even total renovation.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • How to test packaging to understand which elements are working
  • The difference between using visual designs and text-based testing methods
  • Practical tips on how this has worked best for Upsiide clients
  • How to identify and address the best package visuals with confidence
    patrick lambert, man with dark hair and beard.

    Patrick Lambert, SVP, Product Strategy & Customer Success, Dig Insights

    Patrick Lambert is the VP of Customer Experience at Upsiide and Dig Insights. He is an expert on all things research technology.

    Mike Stevens

    Mike Stevens, Founder, Insights Platforms

    Mike is the founder of Insight Platforms. He is a consultant, advisor and thought leader on the intersection of technology and research.

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