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Unmasking Beauty: Beauty & Wellness Attitudes Among American Consumers

Discover key insights into the beauty & wellness attitudes of American consumers in our comprehensive report. Learn about essential consumer needs, how Americans research and prioritize products, and the most impactful packaging claims.

The global beauty and wellness industry, anticipated to surge from $1,610.5 billion in 2023 to a staggering $2,765.8 billion by 2030, holds immense potential. But to unlock this, we need to delve into the consumer's perspective.

We ran a study with 300 Americans aged 18-58, a proportional representation of the population, to learn more about their attitudes and behaviours around beauty & wellness.

This comprehensive report is packed with insights about customer needs in beauty & wellness, what influences consumer consideration, and packaging claims that can drive purchases.

Unmasking Beauty report preview

What you'll find inside:

  • The real challenges consumers are trying to address with beauty & wellness products

  • How different demographics prioritize products (hint: it's not just about price)

  • The significant influence of product research, influencers, and reviews on consumer purchase decisions

  • Which beauty & wellness packaging claims consumers resonate with most

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