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Cannabis and Cannabis Gummies

US Cannabis Market Opportunities: A Focus on the Wellness Consumer

A study about which formats US cannabis users prefer when focused more on physical and mental wellness.

Which products do US cannabis users prefer for their mental and physical wellness?

We ran a study determining the interest and commitment of US consumers to different cannabis products. It was used to get an idea of the general landscape of US consumers's needs and wants for varying methods of cannabis consumption. However, one segment ended up piquing our interest - The Wellness Consumer.

Cannabis Wellness Consumer's Preferred Formats

The Wellness Consumer uses cannabis mostly or purely for mental and physical wellness reasons. About 25% of all cannabis users fall into this segment (compared to 30% that use it purely for recreation).

In this report you'll discover:

  • Which products the Wellness Consumers prefer

  • The niche products that have a greater opportunity for growth in the Wellness Consumer segment

  • Industry implications of targeting the Wellness Consumer

  • Opportunities on how to market your products to the Wellness Consumer

Discover the Winners, Losers, and Niche Products for US Wellness Consumers