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How to get the most out of your data with tools from Dig Insights

Discover how to leverage Dig’s tools, like Upsiide and OTAP, to maximize your actionable insights.

How Dig Insights and Upsiide work together

Dig Insights is a market research company with 13 years of insights expertise founded in Toronto, Canada. Upsiide is a research and insights tool, also known as ResTech, created by Dig Insights that allows brand professionals to conduct testing in an agile and cost-effective way.

But what does this relationship mean for clients? Well, it means you can get double the insights by utilizing both Upsiide, and Dig’s other suite of research tools, including our innovative AI applications! We offer different ways to leverage Upsiide and these tools, ranging from self-service to full professional support. 

So let's dive into the specifics of how you can get the most out of your research data by combining the power of Dig and Upsiide tools.

Getting the Most Out of Your Quant Data

Quantitative analysis via Upsiide

Upsiide is an innovation insights platform in which you can test ideas for products, claims, packaging, and much more. Research studies run directly through Upsiide, with respondents interacting with a mobile-first, user-friendly survey experience that mimics consumer behavor, and researchers seeing the results through a robust and user-friendly data analysis tool.

The power of Upsiide lies in its out-of-the-box dashboards. Each one of them serves a useful purpose for uncovering actionable insights - let's dive into them:

1. Bar Chart - see how your ideas ranked against each other, dive into their Interest, Commitment and Idea Scores, and download the bar chart as a CSV, PNG or PPTX file.

PS: You can also filter the results by subgroups! What's great about Upsiide filters is that you can use almost any question as a filter, and also add your own custom filters to analyze data by subgroups that aren't currently available within your study dashboard. 

2. Quadrant Chart - this chart visualizes the potential of your ideas and highlights where you might need to rethink them.

3. Idea Map - it illustrates the relationship between the ideas. It's a perfect chart to see how your ideas perform in the context of others and how they cluster into groups.

4. Market Simulator - a dashboard that allows you to quickly and easily understand where an innovation sources its volume from. It can predict how a new product would perform against existing products in the market & which products it will steal market share from.

Using TURF for quantitative analysis

So, how can you enhance your analysis with Dig's other methodologies? The answer is TURF. 

TURF (or​​ Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) is an analytical technique that is used to determine the percentage of people that a product can potentially reach and the combination of products that can get the most of those people.

That means that after you find 1 winning idea using Upsiide, you can then identify the best combination of ideas with the most potential. This way, you don't have to throw the less-ranking innovations in the "idea graveyard" and actually pursue them in conjunction with other ideas. 

Hershey's TURF results

Getting the Most Out of Your Qual Data

Analyzing Qualitative data with Upsiide

Using Upsiide, you can also collect and analyze qualitative verbatim data. Our open-ended and Heatmap question types are perfect for that.

1. Open-ended question - this question type allows respondents to leave feedback in their own words. You can then review each response individually, as a word cloud and by keywords.

open ended question

2. Heatmaps - these are great if you want to get feedback on a product or packaging mockup. Respondents can click on a specific design element and leave comments.

Areas on a heatmap

Enhancing qualitative analysis with Dig’s AI tools

To get the most out of the qualitative data, clients can leverage Dig's Open Text Analytics Platform (OTAP). With this tool, you can analyze "unstructured" qualitative data in a very powerful way. 

OTAP's value increases thanks to its AI feature. Thanks to AI, you can categorize the responses by theme and topic, filter them by demographic and even interact with an AI chatbot to get answers to specific questions. 

OTAP dashboard

For example, we once used Upsiide's open-ended question type and OTAP to analyze Americans' favorite sports memories. Check out what we found!

Leveraging Dig and Upsiide tools

The value of having a platform like Upsiide is that, by extension, you open yourself up to a whole lot of other tools that Dig Insights created. That's one of the biggest reasons why our clients love working with us.

The research we did shows that we have a very powerful idea. So we're now spending the dollars to bring a team of consultants in, solidifying our brand and products and scaling production. 

I mean, talk about actionability out of insight. I'm not sure we would have had the confidence to invest without the clarity that this study brought us. Thanks to Dig and Upsiide, we have a marketing partner on board that truly believes in our concept and proposition.


Kerry Roberts, Founder