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Mobile shop-alongs (or shopping safaris) are being used more and more to understand how to break through within in-the-moment customer experiences. Mobile shop-alongs can be used for an in-person shop or to understand the online path-to-purchase.

Person holding a mobile phone in front of a store

When is a shop-along useful?

Mobile-shop alongs provide opportunity to understand the decision-making hierarchy through a semi-structured activity. It enables consumers to take photos and videos of first impressions, and prioritize brand and innovation decisions through the lens of consumer occasions. It is useful as a foundation for identifying where to play, what products to prioritize, and most importantly, can be combined with volumes to determine the ‘size of the prize’ for clients looking to ensure their portfolio and brands are meeting the needs of consumers.

The benefits of shop-alongs

Create a map of consumer needs

A shop-along provides an easy-to-use map of the major consumer needs profiled by key consumption detail (e.g., who, what, where when and why).

Inform product & marketing decisions

A shop-along informs decisions on product development and marketing to ensure that you are playing in the right space at the right time.

Uncover foundational knowledge

A shop-along provides actionable foundational learning that can be leveraged by multiple parts of a client organization; marketing, product development, R&D, communications, strategy. 

Our perspective on shop-alongs

It is important that Demand Landscapes (Need States) consumption data are collected properly.  We rely on a proprietary mobile consumption diary which allows consumers to log and provide rich detail into consumption detail.  This provides a larger dataset to produce a holistic model of all consumption occasions.  We also bring industry-leading advanced analytic approaches to ensure that the Demand Spaces developed are robust, reliable and actionable.